Implementation of ZEUS3D on LINUX / x86 Fortran

This page is not an introduction to Zeus3D. The Zeus3D source code version 3.4.1 (zeus34) of 1995 Apr, the version update to 3.4.2 (fixes34) up to 1997 May, and the (pre-)compilation script zeus34.s of 1997 May (updated 1999 Apr) can be accessed from one of the authors, M. Norman, now at UCSD:
The ZEUS-3D Code (, last checked to be valid 2008 October)
The collection of files and docs (, last checked to be valid 2008 October)
More software from the former LCA at NCSA/UIUC (, last checked to be valid 2008 October)

If you plan to use Zeus-3D, it is advisable to read comments, notes, and hints embedded in the files zeus34 (first pages; deck history), fixes34, FAQ_v.3.4, Readme, userdmp, and myprob.

If not already present on your system, your first hurdle is to successfully compile an executable called "xedit22". In principle, this is achieved by executing zeus34.s; the process will likely involve an anonymous ftp call to ncsa to get files like edit22, edit22.f, and namelist.

June 2005 PFP
---Changes to xedit22
We experienced a problem with the subroutine ofile in edit22.f. The bug was mysteriously fixed by inserting a print statement in the middle of the ofile routine. 2006 Aug: still a problem, in contrast to previous sentence. We replaced 'stat' in 'open' statement with a fixed “unknown”.


June 2005 PFP

June 2, 2004 PFP

The script bld_lib crashes when called from zeus34.s, due to a logic error on line 54. bld_lib tries to determine the existence of fsplit, but the if statement fails on some platforms. Execute "which fsplit" to learn the response of your system.

line 54 reads:
  if ("'echo $FSPLIT | egrep 'no fsplit|fsplit not'" != "") then
and should be modified to
  if (1) then
bld_lib appears to run correctly after this modification. A less radical fix can be programmed depending on the answer of "which fsplit."

July 2005 HRM

July 2005, March 2010 HRM

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